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Back for the pumpkin season

Autumn stock with a massive discount on ALL of it - NOW ON THE WEBSITE!


Get spoiled for choice on our seasonal fragrances

Our red clamshell wax melts with cheeky gonk desing will have you spoilt for choice on the fragrances and they are under £2


Midnight Seance a new and etherial fragrance for Autumn 2023

And some of our favourites like spiced pumpkin, warm vanilla, woodland walk and toffee apple are back in stock.


Wonderfully scented and seasonally designed collections

Don't miss out on our popular collections for amazing prices. A perfect way of sampling most of the seasonal scents.

Leaves Shadow

"The scent is unlike any other wax melt I have tried, it stays so strong and smells luxurious. My house has never smelt so good, so much so I have ordered more.

Jenni C.

"After a long day at work suffering from hayfever all I wanted was a hot shower. Not only do the shower steamers smell soooo nice, the menthol in them opened up my sinuses and gave me so much relief from my day of wishing I could take a normal breath. They're dead cute too! I will definitely be ordering more."

Emma d.

Lucia, I always say it, but honestly your melts and candles are the best I have ever bought off anyone, and I try so many companies."

Sarah L.

As seen in Beyond Magazine

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