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Christmas Is For You Too

There I was, arms full of bags from my favourite highstreet brands, lifting more weights than I do at the gym, in the world of lights and masked crowds - the sort that Hollywood movies know, desperately trying to get everything I planned for family at Christmas before they run out of stock or fall into the hands of someone else or even worse - back to their full price. I have all month planned out, the 24th, 25th and 26th are especially full on. I couldn’t even fit the Queen in if she wanted to see me. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I forgot something. I hadn’t allowed myself any time to wake up to the gifts under the tree or for a lie in with a hot cup of tea and my dog sniffing it. I planned Christmas perfectly, but only for everyone else. I had forgotten about me. I know for a fact there are a lot of you in my shoes, so before it is too late, think of YOU and make some space for your wellbeing.

I grew up in a culture where celebrations, even my own birthdays, were revolving around making the guests feel at home. Trolleys filled with ingredients, the rush in town looking for presents and the money my parents spent were a tradition in itself. There was always an auntie who insisted you finished your meal, even the tiniest slice of forgotten cheese could make the tired chef cry - my mum - as leftovers were considered offensive. I remember my parents zig zagging incessantly in between guests and back and forth to the kitchen with trays of food leaving behind steamy trails and culinary smells, the laughter, not being able to talk to everyone, the loud music. In the evening they would wash up the dishes and after go to sleep barely even touching the food they had prepared. I know that Christmas is meant to be about making time to see loved ones, giving gifts to people you care about and cooking delicious feasts for everyone to enjoy, but please don’t forget to look after yourself.

We are in a pandemic and the thought of going to the spa is not necessarily as relaxing as it used to be, the good news is that you don’t need to move out of your own house for wellness. I have the right products to turn your (or anyone else’s) living room, bathroom and bedroom into the best tailored spa with affordable prices. These products make ideal gifts whilst leaving you enough in the bank to cover the cost of Christmas.

Before I start sharing links, let me talk a little bit about wellbeing. It is not wellbeing if you light a candle whilst working. It is not wellbeing if you use the shower steamers on a 5 minute shower as you’re rushing to do something after. These products are put best to use when you’re ready to leave work for good and catch your breath. As we all know the main form of mental training is meditation, slowing down over the course of the day and reflecting on it is essential for finding inner peace. If we can’t find a little bit of time for us, then how can we expect someone else will?

Switch off, take a shower or a bath, light a candle and use my spa set. On repeat. Merry Christmas !

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